CHIME Assurer

Automated Service Assurance

Assuring the RAN component
in the end-to-end 5G network

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What it’s All About

CHIME Assurer enables automated RAN service assurance, extending Network Service Assurance and automated fault management beyond the core and into the RAN.

The solution continuously collects and analyzes multiple KPIs, exposing the RAN topology and network element performance status, and triggering RAN resource tuning and various network optimization algorithms as needed.

CHIME Assurer is analytics driven and easily integrates with third party service assurance solutions. It provides the information needed for an end-to-end view of the 5G network, enables full network automation regardless of the RAN technology – and accelerates root-cause analysis and resolution.

Assuring a stellar service

of daily tickets closed automatically
decrease in tickets handled due to automation
Closed loop assurance of RAN elements
Customer-focus and business impact view of network events
Decrease in mean time to resolution

This Is what CHIME Assurer looks like

CHIME Assurer Benefits

Increased Availability

with just-in-time root-cause analysis to identify service impacting issues

Faster Compensation for Network Failures

with closed loop assurance
of RAN elements

Improved Service Reliability

with end-to-end service
management and optimization

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