B2B2X: How CSPs Can Avoid Becoming An Endangered Species

“In recent years, communication service providers (CSPs) have seen their share of the consumer wallet eroded.
If CSPs want to avoid being cut out of the enterprise business (just like they were in the consumer business), they need to develop new services that are not being provided by the enterprise-focused OTT services companies — and 5G gives them the opportunity to do that.”

“With the B2B2X business model, CSPs can use 5G and the power of the cloud to supply customized, high-end services to “X” – which can include customers, retailers, partners, or suppliers, providing services directly to organizations, industries, geographical areas (i.e., neighborhoods), schools and venues”

How does B2B2X work for CSPs? Which offerings will they be able to develop and provide?

Ofir Zemer, Cellwize CEO, shares his insights about it in his latest Forbes article.
we invite you to read the full article.

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