CHIME Operator

Visualize & control your network at the click of a button

easily gain clarity into network configuration needs, quickly and accurately resolve performance issues, transform business processes with closed loop automation

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What it’s All About

CHIME Operator offers centralized configuration capabilities to an operator’s field and maintenance engineers, as well as service performance personnel. It enables uniform access, monitoring, review, control, and updates to any network element and managed object, across all radio access technologies and for all vendor equipment.

With CHIME Operator users can make configuration changes to multiple configuration objects very quickly and in closed loop operation. Moreover, the solution supports local policy enforcement and bulk operations, including enablement of new radio features on testing areas, as well as implementation of new golden parameter policies.

With a clear, accurate, and immediate view of the network along with insights into what and where corrections need to be made, CHIME Operator drives service disruption prevention, and optimized handling of consumer complaints, performance issues, and site troubleshooting, all through a single pane of glass and at the click of a button.

Never seen before visibility

From days
To minutes
time-to-market acceleration
less man hours for misalignment correction
1,000% increase
in effective collaboration
Cloud Left Cloud Right

This Is what CHIME Operator looks like


CHIME Operator Benefits

Automatically Continuously Monitor and Optimize

Unprecedented network visibility

with a three-dimensional geographical map for visualizing and navigating the network across every cell, site, object, and location

Prevent Faults Before they Impact Customer Experience

Accelerated issue resolution

by quickly and easily accessing configuration data on misaligned policies, malfunctioning equipment, or parameter misconfigurations

Ensure Integrity of Vital Processes


enabling object values to be modified on the spot with closed loop operations

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