CHIME Optimizer

Network Performance that Rocks

Ongoing automated network monitoring and optimization, improving mobility management, coverage, and capacity, and driving customer experience

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What it’s All About

CHIME Optimizer performs ongoing and automated monitoring and optimization of the RAN, which is required for ensuring the optimal use of the operator’s radio spectrum and equipment, and for delivering the best customer experience possible.

Once a new site has been deployed whether 5G or other, CHIME Optimizer monitors the site and the network. With smart orchestration of multiple cSON, dSON, and machine learning algorithms the solution identifies performance issues and orchestrates the right recipe for each, tweaking the cell as well as other cells when needed.

Ongoing monitoring and optimization also includes the timely detection and alerting of outages, driving immediate resolution, and providing logs for post-event evaluation and learning.

With enterprise grade automation operation management it also enables users to visualize the network, track over a timeline all automation actions that are applied to clusters as well as how automation is impacting network performance, and uncover network performance trends and behavioral patterns.

With CHIME Optimizer, operators understand what’s going on with the network and can automatically, continually improve performance.

Optimizing network performance

~5 exabyte
of mobile data traffic optimized monthly
up to 25%
capacity gain
more data throughput
increase in session set-up success rate
improved coverage and mobility
Cloud Left Cloud Right

This Is what CHIME Optimizer looks like


CHIME Optimizer Benefits

automatically continuously monitor and optimize

Automatically & Continuously Monitor and Optimize

network performance
across various radio technologies, from 2G all the way up to 5G and vRAN

ensure integrity of vital processes

Ensure Integrity of Vital Processes

including new site introduction and self-healing

prevent faults before they impact customer experience

Prevent Faults Before they Impact Customer Experience

with the immediate implementation of optimization results

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