CHIME Designer

5G Adaptive Configuration & Policies

Leverage live network design, serverless orchestration, & continuous policy

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What it’s All About

CHIME Designer automates parameter configuration and ensures that parameters adhere to the operator’s network policy. Moreover, by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), the solution automates decisioning regarding which parameter policy is optimal for execution.

This way parameter planners can create the list of parameters that are best suited for design, without the overhead of a typically long and complex manual process.

Moreover, with its advanced AI/ML, the solution facilitates ongoing learning for continual improvement by automatically creating a set of policy and parameter rules that are adaptive to changes.

Robust, scalable, and operating in a serverless orchestration environment, CHIME Designer detects loads and irregular changes in the network, identifies the root cause, and invokes the most suitable set of parameters and rules, even in the most complex cases. And, with the power of AI it can recommend the adjustments required for better responding to service needs and improving the customer experience.

Furthermore, operators can continually optimize network performance under multiple network conditions and any mix of services.

With a unique combination of capabilities, including agile rule lifecycle-management, network design enforcement, automated vRAN design, and more, CHIME Designer powers faster rollout, significant VoLTE service improvements, and dynamic optimization around the clock.

Doesn’t get faster than this

faster adaptive policy
faster network design & new features introduction
30 min.
for new site error-free datafill
fewer service-affecting discrepancies
fewer configuration tools
Cloud Left Cloud Right

This Is what CHIME Designer looks like


CHIME Designer Benefits

correct invalid parameters immediately

Correct Invalid Parameters Immediately

with dynamic and rapid
configuration & enforcement

quickly adapt to network events

Quickly Adapt to Network Events

to offer a consistent network service & customer experience

minimize exposure


that results from
misconfigured data

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