Simplifying Data Collection, Enrichment, & Distribution

by decoupling RAN
data sources from the applications

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What It’s All About

In today’s competitive environment that demands speed, agility, and cost efficiency, operators can’t afford to be bogged down by data related complexities and inefficiencies.

Yet, RAN data is – nevertheless – at the very heart of three key challenges to achieving these objectives.

The first challenge is presented by the great complexity of connecting each and every RAN application to each and every RAN vendor and OSS. This creates a complicated OSS architecture with dozens of possible app and system combinations that now need to be managed.

The second challenge arises when operators seek to include data sources from new RAN architectures, such as vRAN or O-RAN, which typically requires expensive engineering resources and lengthy transition projects.

The third challenge occurs whenever multiple applications try to pull data from the RAN vendor or from the OSS, resulting in congestion and data collection load of the OSS.

This is where CHIME Streamer comes in – overcoming these challenges by decoupling the applications from the RAN OSS and enabling users to make just one connection through the Cellwize interface, instead of dozens.

The result is unprecedented simplicity, minimal impact on performance, and reduced costs.

Avoid data obstacles

Up to 4x
reduction of the data collection load on the vendor EMS
time required to transition to RAN data streaming
reduction in RAN data integration related OpEx/CapEx
2 months
only for integrating new RAN architectures (e.g. O-RAN, vRAN, etc.)
Cloud Left Cloud Right

This Is what CHIME Streamer looks like


CHIME Streamer Benefits

enable quick simple data management

Enable Quick & Simple Data Management

accelerating migration to new architectures and streaming protocols

ensure high levels of network performance

Ensure High Levels of Network Performance

by reducing the load
on vendor systems

reduce oss op ex and cap ex

Reduce OSS OpEx and CapEx

by simplifying architecture and managing just one
centralized system vs. many

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