CHIME Developer

Automation for the People

empowering engineers with self-development so
they can independently create their own algorithms
and apps and connect to the RAN through open APIs

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What it’s All About

CHIME Developer enables users to build apps faster than ever before and leverage their own IP and methodologies to address the specific needs of the operator’s network.

Moreover, for the Open RAN architecture, it serves as the leading Non-RT RIC solution for rApps development.

Through this democratization of automation development, the solution enables many more users and teams across the organization to introduce innovation for multiple use cases.

Users can now benefit from customized functionality for even the most unique use cases without having to seek out the support of expensive internal or external engineering resources.

With its open API layer that can also be used by third-party software, CHIME Developer offers a cloudified environment for the creation, hosting, serverless execution, and management of RAN automation scripts and algorithms.

The offering includes SDKs, sample code, documentation, and training.

This powerful combination of tools and capabilities translates into the most accessible, cost effective, and operationally efficient way to automate development and accelerate the time to market of innovation.

No need to depend on vendor roadmap and change requests, no more R&D bottlenecks, no more lengthy and expensive development projects.

The fastest & easiest way to automate

faster time-to-market for developing automation scripts
fewer network optimization services costs
increase in automation use cases enabling fast time to market and improving the customer experience
Cloud Left Cloud Right

This Is what CHIME Developer looks like


CHIME Developer Benefits

build your own apps

Build Your Own Apps

which are tailor-made to the specific needs of your network

minimize disruption

Minimize Disruption

by developing in a
controlled environment

accelerate innovation

Accelerate Innovation

by removing centralized R&D and vendor bottlenecks and democratizing development

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