Be Open RAN ready today and drive existing RAN value

Smart automation and orchestration platform that bridges
traditional networks to the next-gen networks of tomorrow, today!

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You’re Open RAN ready. You just don’t know it yet.

Operators all over the world are seeking ways to make their networks more flexible, agile, and cost efficient for today, while accelerating the RAN/vRAN journey for tomorrow.

This is where Open RAN comes in, with open standards and architectures that enable achieving these goals. But with all the benefits, Open RAN also introduces great complexity in the management and interoperability between existing and Open RAN.

Simplifying the complexity is what Cellwize is all about, as a centralized RAN SMO platform that brings intelligent automation that bridges the gap between traditional networks and Open RAN and vRAN.

With end-to-end RAN SMO capabilities, Cellwize:

• Connects to any application and RAN, vRAN, and Open RAN vendor.
• Simplifies data collection, enrichment, and distribution.
• Enables the self-development of algorithms and rApps.
• Empowers engineers to configure their own adaptive policies.
• Actuates network changes and rApps across every RAN architecture.
• Supports multiple use cases with a built-in rApps marketplace.

Through this powerful combination of capabilities, and by being active members of the O-RAN Alliance and the Telecom Infra Project (RIA, and ROMA groups), Cellwize enables operators to lead the 5G transformation, be Open RAN ready today, and face the future with confidence.


Telecom Infra Telecom Infra

You couldn’t be more ready

Single pane of glass
for full SMO management and orchestration
One platform
for complete traditional and next-gen network orchestration
High programmability
through RAN SMO and rApps development
Eliminating the overhead
of Open RAN implementation
Seamlessly connecting
to any application and RAN, vRAN, and Open RAN vendor

CHIME Open RAN benefits

O-RAN compliance

Providing full RAN SMO
and Non-RT RIC

End-to-end orchestration

Across any traditional and modernized network,
including 5G & Open RAN

Proven RAN SMO

For rapid app development
and provisioning, with a
built-in apps marketplace


To enable vendor
interoperability and
simplified integrations


For onboarding & integrating
to any network element
from any vendor

Future ready

With an open and adaptive
architecture for complying
with standardization changes