Cellwize Simplify

Simplify private network deployment & operations

A radically simple way to setup, configure,
operate, and assure private network SLAs

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What it’s all about

From smart warehouses and factories to Industry 4.0, automated guided vehicles, and so much more, today’s enterprise is powered by digital.

And while the move to digital is on at full speed, the promise of this transformation cannot be fully realized without fast, secure, and reliable networking. This is the only way to enable the revolutionizing business use cases of the digital enterprise.

In comes private 5G. But the operationalization and monetization of private 5G is very complex.

Simplifying private 5G is what Cellwize Simplify is all about, bringing a SaaS-based and vendor agnostic platform that is powered by:

• Project profiles and templates for copy/paste functionality
Plug and play deployments
Automated assurance and optimization
• The Cellwize automation cloud
• And much more

Through this powerful combination, system integrators and private network service providers can select any vendor and architecture, align to each enterprise’s specific private networking needs, and grow the business faster with more projects.

The IT-fication of private 5G

Profile-based network setup
For ‘build once deploy everywhere’ capabilities
Network abstraction
Supporting multiple vendors, technologies & standards
Integration with IT tools
For monitoring 5G like any other internal network
Smart algorithms
For planning and deploying networks faster than ever
5G networks knowledge hub
Making knowhow easily accessible & shareable
Management console
For viewing all projects across networks & organizations
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Cellwize Simplify highlights

correct invalid parameters immediately

Automated deployment

for the full project lifecycle
with auto-planning tools,
profiles, and recipes

enable quick simple data management minify

Centralized management

across networks,
technologies, and
enterprise customers

avoid vendor lock in

Network programmability

with rapid app development,
provisioning, and a built-in
apps marketplace

Ensure Integrity of Vital Processes

Business flexibility

by selecting any
vendor and architecture
to match any enterprise need

Automatically Continuously Monitor and Optimize

Operational scalability

by eliminating the need for 5G
expertise with copy/paste functionality, and powering
brownfield deployments

minimize exposure

Unmatched efficiency

and reduced costs
through automated