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automate and accelerate
5G new site configuration & rollout

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What it’s All About

CHIME Deployer reduces the cost and time required for 5G new site rollout, as well as 4G densification, through the automatic configuration of new network elements and by ensuring that the correct RAN parameters are set up.

Built to scale, CHIME Deployer is triggered automatically when a new site is ready to be configured. Within 15 minutes it runs from pre-activation configuration including mobility definitions, PCI and RSI allocation, and parameter datafill configuration, to activation, E911 test, and post activation testing.

Being vendor agnostic and vRAN capable, CHIME Deployer is easily integrated into the operator’s architecture. And, by leveraging the CHIME platform’s machine learning and AI algorithms to optimize the process, only one truck roll and one site visit are required for setup and acceptance, thus profoundly accelerating time-to-value and reducing all associated costs.


As easy as that

decrease in engineering effort
12-18 Weeks
saved on unneeded pre-planning
15 min.
for site readiness activation
OpEx reduction for each site brought up
of parameters automatically configured for each site before activation
Cloud Left Cloud Right

This Is what CHIME Deployer looks like


CHIME Deployer Benefits

avoid vendor lock in

Avoid Vendor Lock-In

with a vendor agnostic solution that adapts to any network environment

reduce the cost of  g rollout

Reduce the Cost of 5G Rollout

with one truck roll per site and 30 minutes to achieving site acceptance

reduce planning time

Reduce Planning Time

with automated
configuration and optimization

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