RAN As A Code: Let The Revolution Move Forward

As Ofir Zemer, Cellwize CEO mentions in his Forbes article, “We can thank 5G for the advent of the “RAN-as-a-code” revolution. Inherent in 5G’s software-based implementation is the ability to utilize code to deploy a wide variety of services that are not dependent on certain vendor hardware — services like network slicing, which gives customers the option of what level of telecom resources they want depending on their immediate needs”.

But there are some important questions to address on the RAN-as-a-code revolution:

  • How is it connected to Open RAN?
  • What are the main benefits it brings about for MNOs?
  • And most importantly – how to best prepare for this revolution in terms of management and automation systems?

Click below to read Ofir’s answers and insights in the full article.

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