The 5G Open RAN Revolution: Freedom For MNOs, A Better Deal For Customers (Ofir Zemer)

We all know that Open RAN is not the “new kid on the block” anymore. It’s the next big thing in our industry.

But what does it mean for MNOs? What are the gains? And what are the challenges? In his latest Forbes article, Cellwize CEO Ofir Zemer shares his insights.

“In what may be the most critical aspect of the revolution for MNOs, open RAN frameworks, such as O-RAN, will release them from the long-bemoaned vendor lock-in problem that they have experienced for years. 5G O-RAN will be based on collaborative code that can run on less expensive white-label kits or even public clouds, enabling MNOs to put together the network that works best for their customers. They would no longer be tied to the quirks of the vendors that sold them their equipment.”
“Despite all the benefits that come with open RAN, there are still some challenges when it comes to implementing it. For one, the core technology of open RAN makes it difficult for commercial vendors to onboard it and manage it. In addition, there is a lack of unified management. It is important that the telecom industry, as a whole, work together to improve both of these concerns so that the world can move forward with open RAN.”

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